Oct 2021
Kiev, Ukraine
Company "CarsAutoFinance" - The world's first cryptocurrency and decentralized car finance platform, airdrops CAF tokens.
For participation, you can earn : 60 CAF (~96$), for one referral : 15 CAF (~24$).

Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot -

All participants must receive the distribution.
Distribution of CAF tokens by airdrop is made at the end of each month.

Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are simple:
+ Join the Telegram channel "CarsAutoFinance" - 15 CAF.
+ Join the Telegram group "CarsAutoFinance" - 15 CAF.
+ Follow Company Twitter Profile - 15 CAF.
+ Retweet a pinned company tweet - 15 CAF.

The airdrop budget is outrageous : CAF (~4.800.000.000$).
CAF tokens are now traded on the VINDAX exchange, their cost is : ~1.6$.
The airdrop will end on January 31, 2022.

The counter address of the CAF token in the BSC network is : 0x3E0E21F8CC8F479c43B05fed9ad7beD07F0Eba02.

Total supply of CAF tokens: CAF (~$).