[Airdrop/Bounty] NEURONET up to 7000 $ NCH

Sep 2021

Welcome to participate in our airdrop.
Want to get NCH coins for free? Participate in Neuronet Airdrop / Bounty and earn up to $ 7000 NCH.


Value: +60 NCH
Referral: +10 NCH
Top 50 participants with most referrals will receive extra 1,000 NCH each.

About Neuronet:
https://NeuroNet.Exchange is the cryptoindustry of the future! We are implementing revolutionary technological solutions using artificial intelligence.

End Date: 20th November, 2021
Distribution Date: 22th November, 2021

Go to Google form, complete the tasks & submit your details to earn more than 7,000 NCH tokens.

Submit an interesting video about the NEURONET project on TikTok (up to+ 300 NCH tokens).

Create a message about the NEURONET project in any Facebook, Telegram or Twitter group with more than 5000 members (100 NCH tokens).

Like and comment on our forum threads bitcointalk, altcoinstalks, steemit, bitcoin, bitcoingarden (20 NCH tokens per forum).

Submit your article or post to Reddit (20 to 1000 NCH tokens).

Submit your article on Steemit (20 to 2000 NCH tokens).

Submit an interesting video about the NEURONET project on YouTube (20 to 2000 NCH tokens).

Create a post on a popular blog and share the benefits of NEURONET (20 to 100 NCH tokens).

The more likes you get, the more we'll pay.

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