Airdrop of ECO tokens from the new generation Ecoball blockchain

Oct 2021
Kiev, Ukraine
The "Ecoball" project is a fast, decentralized blockchain of a new generation, which carries out an airdrop of ECO tokens.
For participation, you can earn : 50 ECO, for 1 referral : 10 ECO.

Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot -

All qualified participants will receive an airdrop.
The airdrop ends on November 30th.
Distribution of tokens until November 31st.

Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot :
+ Join the group and leave a message in Telegram, as well as subscribe to the project channel.
+ Follow "Ecoball" Twitter profile and retweet the tweet with the airdrop.
+ !And most importantly : add the "Ecoball" network to your Metamask wallet.