Altcoins Vs Bitcoin

hey guys, do you have 'favorite' cryptocurrencies and why? I also hink that bitcoin will dominate .. but who knows =) just find it interesting who prefers which crypto for which reasons =))) curious to read your opinions!
I think some will climb faster and some won't.
It depends on several parameters, the adoption of certain alts and the time scale.
Over 2 years I think we'll still have those Bitcoin cycles and alts cycle. 2-3 years even.
After the adoption established and a bigger market I will be tempted to say that the btc will no longer influence the altcoins and it will be a normal war between alts.
Or the btc falls for denial of value refuge and the alts rise logically because they are real projects and adoption is done.
Where the btc continues to rise as a safe value refuge and alts continues to rise because it is once again real projects and adoption is done.
I don't see why the alts wouldn't go up if the adoption goes through.
For me logically they will have an impact may be more important than the btc.
I stay bullish no matter what happens on the alts actually.
The real projects of course.
Over a period of 10 years.
After I think that over 2-3 years we will still eat speculation bitcoin/alts cycle.
I am not very experienced in the crypto world yet but I think Bitcoins will always be relevant and never become completely dominated by Altcoins! I could see that some Altcoins with different features will become more and more important and someday be on the same level as Bitcoins but I can not imagine them completely dominating Bitcoins... But that is just my opinion, I guess we will just have to wait and see what this developement will bring in the next years :)