Analysis and description of platforms for automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges

Oct 2021
I have been in crypto for almost 4 years and probably as many of you have Ups and Downs. The Crypto Industry is evolving with a speed of light, we are witnessing a real boom nowadays. Two Bitcoin ATH in 9 months is insane. New projects appear every day and it becomes harder to follow and find really interesting among them. That's why I was looking for some automated trading terminals and bots. Market offers a large amount of different tools, and I want to share some with you. Main criteria was Binance connection as leading crypto exchange.


TradeSanta Crypto Trading Bot: Bitcoin & Altcoin Easy Trade

Tradesanta is a cloud bot that trades securely on many exchanges. Connection to exchanges is done using API keys. The TradeSanta interface makes it easy for the trader to guide him through dedicated user guides and training videos. The platform allows you to run automated short and long strategy trading bots at the same time. Users can set the optimal trading point by adjusting the volume filter, daily filter and Bollinger signal at the same time, or one of them. Manage your risk by placing a stop loss order to exit a position if the trade goes against your strategy.

  • easy to set up
  • mobile App for IOS and Android
  • multi exchange connection


Xbot | Crypto trading grid bot for Binance Spot market. Free Safe Passive income.

Cloud platform for safe trading on the Binance spot market using GRID trading algorithm. Connection to the exchange takes place using API keys. Its advantage is that it works very quickly compared to other platforms and with its intuitive interface it is easy to create and run a bot even for a beginner. As payment, the bot takes 5% of the profit from each deal (buy-sell). This platform has the lowest percentage compared to other platforms with this trading plan. Trading can be carried out short or long, or both sides at the same time. 3-level referral program, with up to 50 percent of referral profits. At the first registration, they give $ 5 to test the bots.

Trading tools: trailing - movement of the grid to the current price where orders will move one after another to reach the current price, scale - stretches profitable orders and allows the bot to stay in the grid and continue trading, target - closed orders in the currency you specify. Using a stop loss to exit a position if the trade went against your strategy.

  • ultrafast decision making
  • low trading fee
  • innovative features as: trailing, scale and target


STEROID | Bot for Binance Futures. Try for FREE!

A platform for automated trading in the Binance futures market. Connection by API keys. Works with a demo account, you can test the effectiveness on virtual money before connecting a real deposit. Work in both growing and falling markets. Market analysis in automatic mode, for the correct entry into transactions. Finds the best trade exit point on its own. Referral system with payment of 15% of the profit. As payment, the bot takes 30% of the profit from each transaction, while if you incurred losses, the bot returns 30% of the amount of losses to the bonus account!

  • affiliate program
  • safety
  • you pay from what you earn

Revenue Bot​

RevenueBOT - Automated Smart Trading Bot On Binance, Poloniex, OKEx, Bittrex and more

The platform can work simultaneously with several pairs on different exchanges. Connection by Api keys. There is no prepayment. 20% of income will be withheld from your deposit, but not more than $ 50 in Bitcoin in BTC equivalent for each month of operation. Tracking ability Using the referral program - 30% of the income of attracted users. There is a free period. Selling your configuration, if the configuration you configured turned out to be effective, then such a bot can be sold on the marketplace. They do not store or accept deposits of your cryptocurrency. All funds are stored in your accounts on crypto exchanges. Statistics on the cycles of the bot. Statistics on orders. Profit statistics. Referral Statistics.

  • Noe prepayment
  • Connection to several exchanges
  • Different statistics


Trality - Create & follow trading bots

A breakthrough feature of Trality was their "Code Editor '' - the first browser-based code editor for Python in the niche. The editor is intended directly for writing the code of trading bots in a regular browser window, without installing additional software, libraries and other things. There is also a Rule Builder graphical Drag and Drop editor for creating bots based on a sequence of logical rules and a Backtest tool for testing bots on a large amount of historical data. Cloud infrastructure and API connection, all trading and finance on the exchange. Need to have Python knowledge.

  • algorithmic trading
  • rule builder
  • backtester


Cryptohopper - The Most Powerful Crypto Trading Bot

Intuitive toolbar. In addition, they are the only bots that embed external signaling devices, allowing traders to subscribe to analysts from all over the world. Service for copying transactions and auto-trading bots. Signals are sent directly to bot users who buy and sell when they receive them. Synchronization of accounts on different exchanges. Large trading volumes. Free trial for 1 month. Personal marketplace with signals, strategies, templates. Automatic trading, exchange arbitrage, market making bot, mirror trading and much more.

  • cool features
  • marketplace
  • exchange arbitrage


Binance Crypto Futures trading bot. Automated passive income.

Binance futures trading platform. Very nice and intuitive design. It is easy to create a bot, as well as manage it by changing strategies, trading intensity, leverage before the bot starts, as well as during its operation. Connecting to the exchange using API keys. Ability to transfer USDT from Binance fiat wallet to futures and vice versa. Three types of trading: Scalper, Trader and Investor with 4 types of strategy Short, Long, Surf and Hedge. To reduce risks, use stop loss and last round. Margin ratio indicator on dashboard. Multi Language. Free period for one year for seven pairs of bots and a three-level referral program with the possibility of earning up to 50% of referrals. Combining different strategies, hedge your long and short positions. Live demonstration on Twitch channel.

  • Cloud solutions (super fast 24/7 trading)
  • Intuitive and user friendly design
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced traders


3Commas - Crypto Trading Bot Automated Altcoin/Bitcoin Platform

Professional trading terminal for manual trading and auto trading bots. Possibility to connect multiple exchanges. One of the oldest crypto trading platforms on the market. Simultaneously create an entry and exit at the point-of-trade, setup trailing, Take Profit and Stop Loss to no longer worry about the next crash or spike. Suitable for traders of different levels, from beginners to professionals. Multilevel referral program. Multiple ready to use strategies. An intuitive interface will help to get started. Cool feature is Grid bot. You set a range where you want your funds to be distributed and the bot starts trading. Also there are some features as: optional trading, signals, rebalancer, paper trading, smart cover.

  • connection to multiple exchanges
  • 24/7 customer support
  • smart trading terminals


Zignaly: Best Crypto Trading Bots Platform

Crypto Trading platform providing: autotrading, copy trading, profit sharing. You look for a professional trader and follow his signals. Or you give him your money and he will earn you with commission. Pretty nice feature, but you need to trust your funds to people you don’t know. If you will sleep well at night then it’s ok. Nice looking blog. No subscription, absolutely free, how do they earn money?

  • copy trading
  • profit sharing
  • security


Bitsgap - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

All-in-one trading automation platform for Cryptocurrencies. There is a free trial 7 days period and a demo mode where you can try your strategies without investing real funds. With the help of backtesting create your unique algorithm and implement it in trading bot. You can connect multiple exchanges. It gives an opportunity to trade on several exchanges, but more does not mean good. You could get confused with a lot of profiles, passwords and funds distributed on all of those exchanges. Sometimes it is better to keep it all in one place, but it’s up to you. Knowledge base is enough to get into the world of cryptocurrencies and trading. Trading View charts with multiple instruments. Manual trading is combined with autotrading.

  • portfolio
  • nice academy
  • demo account
Oct 2021
Wow, thanks. Will have a look and choose one for me. It is really hard to stay up to date with all these new crypto projects appearing almost every day.
Oct 2021
Wow, thanks. Will have a look and choose one for me. It is really hard to stay up to date with all these new crypto projects appearing almost every day.
Please. Of these projects, which he described, each has its advantages.

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