Analysis of litecoin to btc chart in today

Yesterday's report said that Litecoin's price will rebound today, and may even break through $80. The data obtained from citicoins (a comprehensive cryptocurrency website) is basically the same as yesterday's forecast, However, the magnitude of the increase, not as predicted, not exceed $80.
This is the litecoin to btc chart. It can be seen from the figure that within this day, the price does show an overall upward trend:
1LTC to BTC: 0.01218850.
1LTC to USD: 77.14
When the price rose to 0.01231490 BTC, there was resistance, and then there has been a decline, and there is no upward trend.
Such global transactions are difficult to predict, and even a simple factor will affect price changes, so investors should understand that cryptocurrency investments have many uncontrollable factors that interfere with the preparations for failure.
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