BitHost Coin is the Only project Which Have Implemented Before Launching the Coin

BitHost Coin is implemented with an aim to provide complete Cryptocurrency solution for hosting and to vanish the difficult constraints on fiat currencies along with our coin will be used as a payment mode for hosting providers in near future. You will be felt as the complete one stop solution for Hosting with Cryptocurrency and very easy to host masternodes by a simple click. Bithost Coin used as a payment gateway service hence investors can use our currency in any websites, besides we will add Bithost Coin as a payment currency to all hosting providers so naturally it becomes One Stop Solution to buy services from different hosting providers from a single place by ecommerce market place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this BitHost project launched and can we download the wallet now ?
We are now developing our community , we will launch our blockchain on 17th October in that time you can download wallets
2. I would like to understand in more detail and simply what the platform is and what purpose it represents?
BitHost Coin is implemented with an aim to provide complete Cryptocurency solution for hosting and to vanish the difficult constraints on fiat Currencies , Bithost coin will be used as a payment mode for hosting providers in the near future.
3. It is explained that BitHost Coin is a project that was implemented before the launch of Coin. where is it implemented? How is the result? including proof of implementation will be better?
Yes we aimed on hosting service such service has been launched before launching the coin, You can get the proof on BitHost live project
4. When will start Presale ? How long?
Presale starts at our website On 17 Oct 18 GMT 11:00 AM and presale will be there for 72 hours only (3 Days)
5. Why you have started your project before launching blockchain of BitHost
We started our project to initially build our community and to spread about BitHost project
6. How it is possible to be paid in exhchanges before launching blockchain?
We have applied for CryptoBridge exchange , soon after launching our Bithost blockchain they will immediately add our coin in their exchanges , means all pre proccessing works has been done so early. Thats the special case about Bithost project


⍤ Superior technology in privacy having zero-proof knowledge
⍤ Provides fast and secure transactions for a more stable network
⍤ The future of mining: Energy efficient and generates value with low input mobile wallet
⍤ It will allow users to transfer funds through their mobile phones with ease at anytime, anywhere
⍤ Fully private and anonymous transactions with Zerocoin protocol
⍤ Based on Proof-of-Stake, No more power hungry mining hardware
⍤ It is extremely fast, you can send money to anyone in the world within a second
⍤ Instant Transactions: SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes, with no need to wait for multiple confirmations in order to be confident in the validity of the transaction
⍤ We agree that there are many masternode hosting services out there yet we are unique from others because our price is 25% and developed our use case platform so early while comparing to others. Our actual price to run a masternode per month is around $6, Some of the hosting providers agreed to accept BitHost Coin as currency. We are also working for decentralized masternode services, shared masternode services, web hosting services and also an e-commerce platform to bring multiple hosting providers under one roof.


Bithostlive.com offers automatic masternodes hosting at free of cost worth 25$ where BIH is the payment currency. You can also host your masternodes with the help of our tutorial on your own VPS too. It is moulded with zerocoin protocol and PoS + zPoS algorithm


Bithostlive is a hosting platform where people can host masternodes effortlessly and it contains a remarkable service that permits you to create and maintain cold wallet masternodes for most coins, without need to deal with servers, terminals, Linux, etc. This reduces the barrier to the masternodes market for both technical and non-technical people.
Setting up a masternode by yourself can be a difficult constraint and time-consuming process. Let us to do it for you, you save a lot of time, energy and also the money. We also make sure your masternode is always online, and the wallet software is up to date. Never worry about missing income due to downtime or incorrectly configured software. Just earn and enjoy!
We have listed CRUX COIN in our BitHostlive platform for masternode hosting

Website : bithostlive

just a click -- sit back -- earn it

"BitHostlive" "One click MN setup with 25$ credit "

crux coin.png
The exciting news are as follows
1. BitHostCoin (BIH) is added in paycc.io gateway
Hence forth our coin can be used as a currency in many platforms easily
Thanks to Paycc and Cruxcoin

2. We are approaching some gaming platforms to use BIH as one of the currency for their Casino and Sports amusements
Soon we will reveal the exact name of the gaming platform
Which is not even described in our roadmap, we are striving hard to make our BIH to be in top cryptocurrencies so how we are developing our project in all possible ways ☺️

" The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential "

We have listed UMBRA COIN in our BitHostlive platform for masternode hosting

just a click -- sit back -- earn it

"BitHostlive" "One click MN setup with 25$ credit along with 6.5$/mo (Best price among crypto market) "

1. Happy to announce that BitHOstCoin is live on Delta Direct!

All our latest updates will now be directly available on @get_delta!

Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out

You can simply track our portfolio here with huge hands

2. Our BitHostCoin article has been updated in TRYBE.ON Crypto service



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