News [ANN] Taklimakan Network : Social and Business Platform for Crypto Community

What does the news section include?
The news section will be displayed on the authenticated user's home page and will contain most recent changes that include:
1)New free reports published by analysts
2)New analysts and trading instrument providers who recently joined the platform
3)General Platform news and performance
4)Analysts will be able to publish announcements of their paid reports in the news section for additional fee
5)Traders will be able to publish announcements of their new management offers in the new section for additional fee
Sure) Experienced users may publish their education materials such as articles, lessons, or courses or organize webinars. The platform will contain all materials and will facilitate course and webinar schedules. This knowledge base will be continuously supported and expanded by platform moderators, as well as educators. There will be free and paid educational materials. Paid materials will be available to subscribers similarly to analytics. Educators will be rewarded with TKLN tokens for every paid subscriber. Educators will have the capability to limit access to their articles to only paid subscribers.