Any good portfolio trackers out there?

I’m using Blockfolio at the moment but it’s been a bit buggy lately, having trouble refreshing and very slow. I found and actually found it pretty useful with trading signals and other features.. but they don’t have a mobile app and I’m always on my phone.

Does anyone know of any other portfolio trackers with trading signals integrated that have a mobile app?


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Apr 2017
For checking your portfolio on your computer, I like the free solution Cryptofolio for tracking your different cryptocurrencies.

For checking your portfolio from your Apple iPhone, I strongly recommend Crypto Pro for iPhone. Yes, it costs money, but I promise you it's well worth it. I tried different free ones, and finally gave this a try. It's the best for tracking your complete portfolio, favorite coins you like to follow, has the best pull down notification tray widgets for quickly checking without having to open the app, and there's a useful newsfeed feature that brings in all the most relevant crypto news. Support is top notch too. I highly recommend this app to anyone serious about tracking their crypto.