Apart from Bitcoin, what other blockchain digital currencies are worth to know?

In 2017, with the return of billions of dollars in Bitcoin, the world has learned about the existence of blockchain currency. Before that, most of them were the market for technicians and investment traders.

2018 is an year that brings retailers to the stage. As a dreaming speculative person, they must at least know what the project is, the team situation of the project, the project's prospects, and the plan for landing.

Here I have three blockchian currencies to share: Dash, Bodhi, I/O coin.

Dash cryptocurrency is a digital currency that supports instant transactions and protects user privacy. It is based on Bitcoin, a unique two-tier network that enables it to be more fully tested and updated. Like using cash, Dash can effectively protect your financial privacy during the transaction. When Bitcoin is used, transactions are written to the blockchain and you can query both the receiving and sending parties. However, Dash through anonymous technology, making transactions can not be tracked. Anonymous technology is extremely important - because any Internet user can access the data block chain to view the transaction, for those who do not want to expose the transaction records and financial privacy users, this is undoubtedly flawed. Dash confuses transactions with the original "destination" of the decentralized web server to achieve anonymity. Also effectively avoid instability caused by third-party intervention.

How much is a dash? Base on Citicoins, currently a dash can be bought with a price at $4.11.96, traded up 2.16% against to US dollars, but down 17.1% in the 7 days. Dash has a market cap of $3,326,681,658 and its 24 hours trading volume has $177,597,000. Dash total supply 8,075,254 DASH.

Bodhi is a new blockchain-based decentralized forecasting market. Through the introduction of the information abstraction (Oracle) abstraction layer, the third-party Oracle and voting-based decentralized Oracle are unified to integrate the advantages of the existing decentralized forecasting market. At the same time, the introduction of the pioneering alternative Oracle mechanism has enabled Bodhi to predict the market's efficiency and autonomy. The Bodhi platform will be deployed first on the quantum chain. Predictive market refers to a platform for people to predict future events with clear results, and people can bet their promising results. Bet and the right one will win the wrong one will lost. In order to win as much as possible, people will use various methods, such as information collection, mathematical modeling and other methods to make the prediction results as accurate as possible. Therefore, the price of each possible outcome of the forecast market also reflects to some probability of the outcome. Correspondingly, the forecast accuracy rate is also greatly influenced by the size of the participants. Since the beginning of the information revolution, humans have been committed to online forecasting market so that all users can quickly and easily participate in the forecasting market through the Internet. However, centralized Internet products cannot be the cornerstone of people's trust. At the same time, excessive supervision and legal restrictions have greatly limited the development of forecasting markets.

Bodhi is the only truly decentralized, predictive market without APPs, domain names, and servers. It will be a fully localized application that can extract data from the blockchain and display, it just like a blockchain wallet. Other products are centrally controlled from the point of view of product form. There is an APP operation. I do not understand this and make an exchange for myself, allowing users to use digital money to make any difference. If the product itself is centralized, there is no need to add a smart contract at the back, because once the center is gone, the accessibility of the smart contract will become very low.

What about Bodhi performance in crypto market? On today May 17, Bodhi price now traded up 2.27% against to us dollars of $1.00 or 0.00011670 BTC. Bodhi has a market cap of $40,194,800 and its 24 hours trading volume has $3,355,530. Bodhi totally supply 100,000,000.

Here is about I/O coin. I/O coin is a combination of secure and highly innovative cryptocurrency. Compared with Bitcoin, it works with PoS Systems and uses less power to make it more environmentally friendly. The I/O digital currency was developed by a group of highly skilled professionals who are committed to improving the International Olympic Committee and becoming the best and most innovative PoS currency in the market.

Digital cryptocurrency was first listed in July 2014. More than 16 million I/O coins were mined during the first mining period or "work proof" period. Just like any other currency (such as the dollar and the euro), I / O coins have a real world value, which is based on the latest exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. You can also put I/O coins in your wallet and profit from them, and allow them to amplify and help them secure their networks.

The development team provided proof of system PoS I/O, HTML5 Wallet, Android Mobile Wallet with point-of-sale functionality, and DIONS Distributed User Name, allowing users to easily send coins using a registered user name. These features are not available in most other digital currencies.

I/O coin also has a good performance on today market. I/O coin price now at $1.28, traded up 2.21% against to us dollars or 0.00015300 BTC. I/O coin has market cap of $21,374,400 and it 24 hours trading volume has $11,907. I/O coin total supply 16,715,727 IOC.