Automated Crypto Currency Trading APITRADE - THE REAL WAY TO PASSIVE INCOME

Apr 2018
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The revolutionary service of automatic trade which has already shown the solvency, making for you at the cryptoexchanges more than 1000 profitable transactions.

Passive income - it is real also without deception

Would you like, without making efforts, on the automatic machine, to increase the capitals in bitcoin or foreign currency with a speed up to 1-3 percent a day?

Advantages of service:
• Low risks
• Real predictable profitability
• Without monthly fee
• Safety
• Return of means
• Full transparency – without deception
• Operational and friendly support service
• Usability – service completely automatic
• Is suitable for all - optional to be a professional in the field[/i]

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Very many who for the first time hear about the project can't believe that it in general is possible that it sounds too well to be the truth, etc. But already 1000 users were convinced of it and daily publish screenshots of income at various forums and in Telegram chats.

Some already called this project "the machine for printing of money". And, surprisingly at the moment this is true.
But even if you, as well as most of people, practically know nothing about cryptocurrencies yet - it isn't terrible, this service thanks to the simplicity and profitability will be able to attract millions of new users to the world of cryptocurrencies.
On the homepage of service there is the most detailed FAQ, having attentively read which, the user will possess sufficient information for start. If something is unclear - it is always possible to consult to other users in Telegram chat which is very active.
Developers are rather known on the Russian-language Internet on many other successful projects.

P.S. At present the special offer works: having registered according to the reference and having connected the exchanges, to you the bonus from service which will allow to increase without personal investments your deposit at the exchanges by $100 will be added. That is to recharge in service before you are convinced that it works, it isn't necessary!

To learn in more detail and you can be registered here: Register - here