Awax a good way to earn money

Hello All guys ,
If you want to Earn money. Follow my Guideline . I am Success In this Process. The AWAX Platform is brand new and still currently in its Pre-ICO stage (Until the 15th of December this year). It will offer a universal banking and exchange solution not only limited to standard Fiat Money transfers but the top 100 kinds of cryptocurrency as well, its most important features revolving around the interaction and flexibility between these assets.

The Platform will give any users with a PoA (Proof of Asset) Token the ability to broker exchanges between Cryptocurrency, fiat currency and real-world assets instantly, with volume-based trading discounts and taker fees that can be as low as 0.1%. Another feature entwined into this platform is the ability for users to instantly convert cryptocurrency to fiat money and back again, and cash out instantly – this cuts out the middle men and enables AWAX to keep the transactions secure and fast.

The company’s mission is to use blockchain technology to eliminate the limited nature of older economic systems and with this, to develop tools to make access to instruments currently reserved solely for financial institutions simple, affordable and safe.

AWAX will help all private investors diversify their portfolios beyond cryptocurrencies and utility tokens – helping them reduce the overall reduce due to bitcoin’s somewhat volatile nature. Along with this having other benefits it directly helps with the following:

· Significantly lowers the cost of investing in assets through the removal of middlemen and the pooling investment volume

· Enables the creation of more steady returns in the form of dividends, coupons and platform loyalty points

· Hedges the systemic risks involved in a volatile market

· Minimises the bureaucratic overheads

· Empower everyone to invest directly in global funds in every market, regardless of fund or investor location – massive geographical flexibility

The platform is not only limited to private investors however, with the same help being offered to institutional investors, to invest in a diversified digital currency portfolio without having to worry about holding multiple different wallets across several different exchange platforms.

The AWAX platform is the Investment, Exchange and Banking solution of the future, and has the potential to transform the approach to and use of a multitude of currencies the world over.