Bad news for non-USA residents who registered on Binance in the past using USA verification


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Apr 2017
I talked with Binance Customer Support and received some very bad news for anyone who registered on Binance anytime in the past using their USA verification. You are required to use Binance.US forever, for the rest of your life, even if you are not currently a resident or citizen of America.

I was aware USA residents were required to use Binance.US, but I was not aware this also applies to anyone who registered as a USA resident in the past, regardless if you live there currently and/or will never live there again for the rest of your life. You have to use Binance.US and cannot use other Binance exchange sites.

From my discussion with a Binance customer service representative:

I don't have the greatest news. Because you provided Binance with USA documents on another account, you are unable to use, unfortunately. This means you will have to use Binance.US forever. Binance is not allowed to offer services to users that are or were in the USA, or that previously had nationality or residency in the USA. It's not that Binance doesn't want to, but legally we cannot. This is why Binance.US was created.

And now that Binance has changed their daily withdrawal limits, this makes them unusable without being verified. Sad, because Binance has most of the central exchange liquidity on the markets.

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