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How to invest in cloud mining service?

✔️Select a reputable cloud mining service
✔️Invest a small amount first to try the service and see the payouts
✔️With any type of investment you should risk only an amount you can afford to lose
✔️Diversify among several services to select the best for you
✔️Reinvest in the service you like most

ECOS, an organizer of the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, an innovative ecosystem that includes data center, an industrial mining center, a venture fund, a R&D laboratory and an educational platform, is ready to provide you with a high-level cloud mining service.

Try our 1TH contracts for just $20 and get profit from the growing market!
The simplest way to invest and get quick revenue is to invest in cryptocurrencies received by cloud mining - all you need is your PC and a bank card.

You purchase a contract plan on a certain number of Terahash/second (mining power) and our equipment starts mining Bitcoin for you. You see your daily payouts on your account dashboard.

Simple and efficient - earn your first profit from the growing market with ECOS cloud mining!
Use a referral link from any of our partners and get a free starter contract in your account dashboard right after the registration.

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Fidelity Investments, the owner of assets worth 2 trillion US dollars, has run a poll among 400 financial investors on their thoughts about cryptocurrencies.

The results are:
⠀ ✔️74% of financial consultants and 80% of home offices are positive on digital assets characteristics;
⠀ ✔️47% believe the cryptocurrencies to be a new investment trend;
⠀ ✔️46% of the investors consider low correlation of cryptocurrencies with other assets to be a positive trait;
⠀ ✔️40% are going to gain more crypto assets in the nearest 5 years;
⠀ ✔️22% already have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio

Invest in cryptocurrencies now and make your future better with ECOS cloud mining!
Dear clients,
Please be informed that for security reasons the procedure of cryptocurrency withdrawal to your Bitcoin wallet is made only in case if:
⠀ ✔️Your email address is confirmed
⠀ ✔️Your phone number is confirmed
⠀ ✔️Your name and surname are indicated
⠀ ✔️Your Bitcoin wallet is authorized in your account dashboard

To withdraw you need to:
✅Click on “Withdraw now
✅The currency will be withdrawn to your wallet within 24 hours after your request application

In case of any issues you need to address the support team via Zendesk on the website Your inquiry will be processed within 24 hours.
Would you like to get some free hashpower?

If yes then all you need to do is:

✔️Leave a review HERE https://

✔️Provide us with a screen shot HERE https://

✔️ Get 0.1 TH/s of Free Power in your account

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ECOS cloud mining is happy to provide you with a new video about our office and team.

The video about our data center is coming next!

https:// www.
A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or a service which stores the public and/or private keys and can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies.

To be able to withdraw cryptocurrency mined in ECOS Cloud Mining service you need to select a cryptocurrency wallet, receive a wallet number and enter it in your account dashboard (settings area). After that you will be able to get your cryptocurrencies, mined in our service.
ECOS Cloud Mining is happy to introduce you the new equipment that we have recently installed in our data center:

Model Antminer T17 - the most recent product of Bitmain.

It is mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 40Th/s.

We invite you to join our Cloud mining service until Bitcoin goes to the Moon!
This week Bitcoin price hit the level of $13000. It is the maximum level for the whole last year.
The experts believe the growth doesn't stop here.

Don't waste time - invest in cloud mining with ECOS now!
Our contracts start from as little as $20. Get additional income from Bitcoin mining, catch the trend!

Some news about bitcoin after last weeks?

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