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Bitcoin continues to grow!
Have you already managed to invest to get your profit from this promising crypto market?

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Now on our website mining. ecos. am you can purchase cloud mining contracts and pay them with the following cryptocurrencies:


Start mining until the contracts price increase! Hurry up!

I never thought that companies can resell capacity. But, as we already know everything, everything is direct here and it pleases, since there is no extra markup in the price.
Halving is the event after which the number of rewards per block is reduced for miners. The next halving of Bitcoin is expected in May 2020.
The block reward for BTC will reduce from 15.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

However, according to the experience of past years there is always a bull run of the currency incurred⠀

So take a chance to start mining now to get your maximum profit! Get your contract before the price increase!

The cool thing is that despite the fact that the company is young, it periodically launches all sorts of promotions for beginners. I just want to join the society of cloud miners and participate in the watch draw.
1 TH for free - Special offer!!! We have a special limited offer only for our registered clients!

Until August 25 purchase any of these contract plans and pay with cryptocurrency:
⠀ ✅10 TH for 180 days (220 usd)
Link to use: https: //
⠀ ✅10 TH for 365 days (390 usd)
Link to use: https: //

And get 1 TH of power for free!! Hurry up until Bitcoin exchange rate grows sky high as well as prices for contract plans.

Among the contracts, you need to choose something average, I took $ 195 for half a year. I think that, profit from this amount will be more pleasant to receive than from $ 20.
In short, my interest was won and I tried to throw $ 20, it’s not very convenient that the payment had to be made on the card, I still wanted more anonymity, but now I will wait for the results.
Anthony Pompliano, a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, is sure that soon Bitcoin will be held by every financial investor.

He says that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies infrastructure continues to develop which means the crypto markets are getting more popular.
«The more infrastructure is built the higher possibility is that cryptocurrencies won’t disappear… I think that sooner or later Bitcoin will be held by every financial investor», — said Pompliano.

Have you already purchased or mined Bitcoin? We are offering you the best solution – mine Bitcoin together with us! Get your ticket to the Moon!

What are the main benefits of cloud mining?

The cloud mining service is:
⠀ ✅Cheaper
Purchasing of equipment can be quite expensive. You may also have some problems with the Customs. There may also be flaw equipment. Even if you purchase the equipment and install it at home you will have scary electricity bills and lots of noise.We have special rates in our datacenters, which makes our cloud mining more profitable for you.
⠀ ✅Safer
Stay away from noise and heat as well as from possibility of fire, as due to faulty electrical wiring you are risking all your property. It’s better to use the cloud mining service and receive your revenue safely.
⠀ ✅More efficient
Yes, you can purchase the equipment yourself and launch it. But do you have enough experience to do it the way the professionals would do? As any mistakes may cause loss of your time and even equipment malfunctioning. It’s better to use a special service where all the equipment maintenance performed by the professionals and the service fee spread between all service users.

Join our platform now, book your tickets to the Moon!

What is Bitcoin forecast in September?

Bitcoin ended August without any change at around $10000. But what is expected in September?⠀ The founder of a consulting company deVere Group Nigel Green says that the level of $10 000 is a starting point for a new BTC growth.

Many experts believe that the new bull run of BTC up to $14 000 can start already in two weeks.
⠀ ✔In case BTC is $14000 your revenue from 10 TH per 365 days is expected to be around $1250 (based on current network difficulty)
The 10 TH contract cost is just $390 so far.

So don't waste your time, hurry up to start mining!


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