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While Bitcoin is getting ready for the Bull run we have launched a few new promo contract plans for you to try mining with ECOS cloud mining. ⠀
The first promo contract plan is:
- 1 TH for 10 USD (90 days) - The service fee is $0,15 per 1 TH/Day
Use the link to pay: https: //
The reason for this contract is to try our service, to make sure that company is reaching its obligations and to move forward to much bigger and more profitable contacts!!)

The offer is limited untill September 15, 23.59 GMT time. Only 30 contracts available.

New contracts are available in stock now!

You can now select and rent a specific device for mining. Select your ASIC among:

Antminer S9 (14.5 TH/s)

Antminer S17 (56 TH/s)

Canaan (37 TH/s)⠀

Innosilicon (57 TH/s)

Own virtually the whole device and maximize your revenue! Bitcoin is expected to grow rapidly, be the first to rent and to get your profit!

ECOS Cloud mining is a real bitcoin cloud mining service with a data center situated in Armenia, in the Free economic zone.

☑️The project has bank card payment method (VISA and Mastercard) which is available only to legit companies, as to get bank acquiring (without any payment agents) a company needs to undergo a serious check up.

Select your investment partners wisely!

According to Tom Lee prediction Bitcoin is to rise significantly ($20k-40k) by the end of 2019

In case BTC = $40k the approximate income from 10 TH to be around $3300 per 365 days (The Contract costs now = $390)

Get ready for the trip to the Moon! Book your seat now! Yesterday Bitcoin has grown up to $10870!

Select your own price to pay for the contract!

On September 13 we will launch Bidding auctions!

You will have a great chance to purchase a cloud mining contract at your own price!

The conditions are as follows:
☑️ Subscribe to our Instagram ecos_am
☑️ Join us on September 13 at 1:00 PM UTC time
☑️ Leave your comments under the auction post with your bids.
☑️ Every participant can make 3 bids in one auction. Every bid to be 1 USD less than the bid of the previous participant (should not be your own bid)
☑️ The auction will end when a participant writes "Buy!"- the contract will be sold to the participant at the price of the last bid.

Be the lucky one and get a huge discount!

Read more details in our post in Instagram!

Our Dutch Auction has started!!!

The bid for today is 15 TH/s contract. The starting price - 579 USD!
You have a great chance to REDUCE it!

The conditions are as follows:
☑️ Be subscribed to https:// www.

☑️ Leave your comment under the auction post with your bid, which should be 1 USD less than the bid of the previous participant (by clicking "answer")

☑️ Every participant can make 3 bids in one auction.

☑️ The auction will end when any participant writes "Buy!"- the contract will be sold to him at the price of the last bid.

* if a bid is reduced more than 1 USD it wouldn't be counted.

Be the lucky one and buy a contract at minimal price!

In 2019 Bitcoin has grown up to 200%. Are you still wondering if it's worth investing? Our advise is to be quick and to start mining now, until the contract prices increase after Bitcoin rate goes up

While the whole community is waiting for US Securities and Exchange Commission decision on ETF, ECOS analyst says the decision may be made this Wednesday. This may lead to Bitcoin significant growth. ⠀

ECOS has installed a new batch of new ASIC devices and increased the overall capacity of our data center. In relation to this we have decreased the service fee for a whole range of contract plans. Don't miss this opportunity to buy!The offer is limited till the moment we sell all the contract plans.

Dear friends,
After a rigorous assessment ECOS Cloud Mining was listed on Cryptocompare as a legitimate cloud mining service:

If you would like to get a free 0,1 TH you are welcome to leave a review under our profile, send us a screen shot in Telegram chat or help desk and we will grant you with a free hash power!

Participation in the competition for the gadget is certainly fun, but I'm more interested in profit. It’s better to let the profit be more stable, and I’m not particularly interested in various little things.
The platform has been working without interruptions for a long time, which is very pleasing. I am pulling my friends through the referral system and so far everyone is happy.
Hello. China wants to eliminate the cryptocurrency mining in the country. It always used to be home for the world's largest cryptocurrency mining farms due to cheap electricity. But now the government has decided to clear the mining business all over the country and started with Mongolia.
The new regulation may impact not only the mining farms but also the mining equipment manufacturers, which may cause deficit in mining facilities and mining equipment in the market. So our advise is to start mining now until the deficit arised and mining contract prices increased. A cloud mining ECOS is the best solution for you as its mining farm is situated in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia with low electricity rates and high profitabiity indicators. So you can join the platform right now and get ready for the bullrun. Stay with us!

What is going on with Bitcoin?

The exchange rate of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies has failed to 3,59% in last 24 hours.
Now its price is $8131,14, according to Coinmarketcap. What does it mean for the market?

To answer this question, we need to learn expert studies about it.

According to Digital Asset Research, Bitcoin’s price will hit $60,595 by May 2020. It will be worth 7 times its current value. In this case, market capitalization of the coin will be about $1,25 trillion.

Experts say, that one of the key factors, which will influence on the cost, is Bitcoin’s block reward halving. They explain, that in 2020 the reward for mining blocks will cut in half. So, Bitcoin will rise.

The history of the cryptocurrency normally repeats itself.

First time in 2012 the reward was cut in half. A year later the Bitcoin price increased 407 times!
A little notice about the reward, its ammount halves every four year.

In Digital Asset Research they notice the tendency to peak every third of the way through each halving reward cycle. If the forecast is wright, the Bitcoin price will reach $60,595.

Otherwise, the forecast is modest in comparison to other predictions. For example, American venture capital investor Tim Draper expects, that by 2022 the cost of Satoshi Nakomoto’s coin will hit $250,000. And it will have about 5% market share of the world of currency. The billionaire comments, that now Bitcoin faces complexities, which are related with accepting it.

It is the reason, why consumers still prefer to pay with well-established monetary instruments. Although, in the long-term people will choose digital coins. The traditional capital is closely connected with the political influence; the investor explains.

Also, Tim Draper mentions, that people would use Bitcoin for its decentralized ecosystem. Probably it could work in US. Moreover, the investor has high hopes for Argentina, where plenty of entrepreneurs lose their fortune in local fiat currency market due to manipulation and devaluation. Meanwhile, billionaire believes, that the digital market does not have such kind of problems.

So, what is going on with Bitcoin? It is expecting to grow. And now is the best time to invest in the cryptocurrency, isn’t it?


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