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How to find mining hardware?

A few days ago, Chinese crypto mining hardware giant Bitmain announced platform for connecting miners and farms. So, mining sector is developing rapidly. And now for being successful in this area you just need to buy efficient equipment. How to do it?

Advice #1 Calculate costs

Even if you have already found a good ASIC miner, analyze its energy consumption and efficiency. In the las year Japanese company GMO released a new model of its hardware – B3. The ASIC price is about $2000. According to GMO, you can adjust the hash rate power optimally and the level of energy consumption as well. We remember that hash rate it is unit of measurement for the determining the processing power of equipment.
By the way, it has maximum hash power of 33 Th/s and its maximum level of energy consumption is about 3417 watts. This equipment can mine $2,19 of cryptocurrency per day. That means, it will become profitable in 2,5 years.

Advice #2 Save your money

If you want to understand, how cryptocurrency mining works, you can buy cheap hardware. For example, it may be Bittech One Mini, which price starts from $880. Its hash rate is 16 Th/s/ The equipment consumes 1150 watts of energy. The purchase will bring the profit in 2 years and a few months.

Advice #3 Analyze different options

Your choice will depend on your budget. You can buy A9 ZMaster by Innosilicon. Its price is about $10000. The company guarantees the lowest level of energy consumption. This ASIC mines $142 of coins per day. Otherwise, it was designed mostly for ZCach mining, which is price is about $37,16. Although, it has failed to 3,55% in last 24 hours. This information was published in Coinmarketcap.

First, decide, which coin you want to mine, then define the amount of investment. If you can do it, you will find good mining hardware without any problems!

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How to start mining?

Have you ever googled the word "miner"? You can find at least 1,5 million pages about it.
Moreover, it is not so difficult to visit mining industry events in US, Latin America or in Asia as well.
That means people are involving in this topic. Some of them even make money from mining.
The others are just planning to do it.
We hope that this text will be useful for readers from both categories.
Let's see, how you can start mining step by step.

☑️Step #1 Choose a place

Decide where you will mine. It could be your home.
Otherwise, in this case you need to be ready for spending a lot of money.
To buy the equipment you need about several thousands of dollars.

A few years ago solo mining was more profitable, than now.
One of the key reasons is related with increasing its production capacity.
According to a new report by monitoring resource Blockchain,
hash rate in Bitcoin's network has passed a record 102 Quintilian hashes for the first time in the history of the cryptocurrency.
By the way, hash rate it is a unit of measurement for determining the processing power of equipment.

On the one hand, increasing capacity means that the level of security in the net is rising. So, the Bitcoin Network now is not susceptible for hacking.
Although, on the other hand, miners need to have more effective equipment, and it will be more expensive.
In other words, you can't earn money from solo mining.

☑️Step #2 Understand the process
If you want to understand how cryptocurrency mining works, you don’t need immediately to buy hardware, which prices start from $2000.
One of the options is to choose cloud mining service. As a rule, customers pay only fixed payments for rental equipment and electricity. For example, you can choose ECOS, where minimum price of contract is $20.

☑️Step #3 Just do it!
Digital market will flourish in the next years. In many regions, like in the US and Europe, officials are making efforts to legitimize it. That is why investing in cryptocurrency, especially in the mining sector, is a great opportunity to raise capital.

Don’t waste your time! Start mining!

The reliability of cryptocurrencies

Experts predict that cryptocurrency will rise in price from $8400 till $60000 or even $250,000. But what we know about the reliability of coins?

In september hash rate of the Bitcoin Network has updated the historical maximum. We know that hash rate shows the processing power of equipment. The higher its level, the more secure the net is. Analysts expect that hash rate rises. So, the Bitcoin Network will become more reliable and inaccessible for hackers.

Which mining rig you need in 2019?

The choice will depend on the following questions.

1# is it profitable to buy?
Calculate costs. Even the ASIC is rather cheap, analyze its level of energy consumption and efficiency.

2#can you save your money?
If you want to understand how crypto mining works, you can buy used equipment or rent a new model in a cloud mining service, like ECOS.

✅️3# was it made by a famous company?
Choose ASIC by reliable company. It could be one of mining giants, like Bitmain and GMO.

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How to mine without hardware?

➖Somebodies say that you can mine Bitcoin in you mobile phone via an app.
It was possible in 2010, but now the production capacity is high, and its level constantly grows.

✅️If you want to mine without hardware, you can use a cloud mining service.
Tradi.tionally, customers pay fixed-rate payments for rental equipment and electricity.
Although before investing analyze the reputation of company.

✅️For example, you can choose ECOS, the official operator of the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

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What if you would choose a wrong copper wire cross-section in a mining hotel?

For efficient mining every detail is important. For example, a wire cross-section. From this choice working capacity of the whole net will depend.

If you will make a mistake with it, the net will overload. In other words, its speed will drop. And as a result, efficiency and your profit will decrease.

To avoid this problem, you should use a cloud mining service, where specialists can help to choose a wire cross-section and an equipment. For example, go to ECOS.

What if you would buy used mining hardware?

⭕️Some people prefer used equipment because of the opportunity to save some money. Otherwise, there is no any warranty which could cover the cost of the device repair. In this case, you will do it at your own expense.
❌Moreover, you need to be ready for problems with cooling system. A used ASIC has such kind of troubles 4 times more than a new one.

✅️ If you want to save money, use a cloud service, where you can rent new hardware. It could be ECOS with minimum price contract $20.

How much money you can save by placing equipment in a mining hotel?

✅️If you decide to mine cryptocurrency, calculate costs.
Besides several thousands of dollars, which you need to spend for hardware, don’t forget that you need to pay for electricity. That means, you need to pay every month additional several hundred dollars. How you could save some money?

✅️You can place the equipment in a mining hotel. In this case, the amount of payments will be 10 times less.
Otherwise, if you are not ready for big expenses, choose a reliable cloud mining service.


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