Bitcoin Farming in Scotland

They are based in Ayrshire south west Scotland, our locations are very close to west
Coast, about a quarter mile from the sea. Lots of cool wind, however once they install all 80 rigs it’ll need ventilation, currently got 50 rigs installed in 4 locations, getting enough power seems to be an issue in Scotland, they’ve now got 4 places with 3 Phase supplies, 3 x 63 3 Phase and one 200amp 3 Phase, getting a sub station is now our plan, power is expensive but still profitable, in it for the long term

Rig List
26 Antminer S9
24 Whatsminer M3
3 Whatsminer M3X
1 Antminer A3
10 1050/1060/1080 Ethereum Rigs (SimpleOS)

Getting direct access to wind farm energy
Remotely restarting rigs
HashFlare’s Exit and the Future of Cloud Mining

Cloud mining — a service that enables individual users to lease hashing power from dedicated cryptocurrency mining operations — came forth as professionalization and cartelization of the mining business began to drive out smaller and insufficiently equipped players from the scene.
Since there is no way to verify that the share of the mining rig you are supposedly leasing actually exists — even if returns on your investment seem to be flowing regularly at first — the scheme is widely regarded as a happy hunting ground for scammers. Perhaps the only way to steer clear of fraud is to rely on the reputation of the established cloud mining brands. But with the outbreak of the recent scandal around the cloud mining platform HashFlare, this option might also soon be off the table.

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