Bitcoin Is New world Order Agenda

Satoshi nakamoto (creator of Bitcoin ) isn't a person but an organization. One of the new world order ambition is to set a one world government and currency and the only way to do that is create a money system like that which slowly all counties are adopting. Once they've adopted it the US dollar will crash forcing the entire world to use Btc and the people in control of Btc will be the US government. Do you really think the US government is in dept of trillions of dollars ? No they aren't that's bullshit just a way to crash the economy in the future. Do you really think some normie like you and I could build a block chain technology and popularize it without having any records ? Not even mark Zuckerberg would be able to do that New world order is real actually. American government fantasize about it and their lord and savior lucifer but for aliens they are quite real actually and there have been documented evidence in space to prove it Crypto currency can make you a millionaire but it isn't worth it. People who make millions off Crypto aren't to be praise cause they didn't do anything other than set up miners and traded Btc. Real millionaire work their ass out and hustle they don't just sit down trading Bitcoin and gambling. I especially hate it when btc miners self call them self "entrepreneurs"

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