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Apr 2017
The majority of the mining power behind Bitcoin is lining up behind a scaling solution that would increase the network's transaction capacity. The SegWit2 proposal could mark a significant advancement in Bitcoin's long scaling debate, effectively spurring the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit), which will double the current 1 MB block size.

The actual SegWit2 code is not ready for mining pools to run yet. It will be in the testing phase until June 30, but mining pools are showing their strong support for the measure.

These mining pools represent about 71% of the network's mining power and are already adding a piece of text to each block that they mine to show their support:
  • AntPool
  • Bitfury
  • Bixin
  • BW Pool
  • F2Pool
  • ViaBTC
On July 21, the code should be ready for showtime, and mining pools will be able to run the software. The SegWit2 scaling agreement will require 80% of the mining hashrate to run the code for roughly three days starting on that date.

This past April, Litecoin reached a scaling agreement for SegWit, and successfully activated SegWit in May.

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