Bitcoin wallet, Jaxx, unofficial position on the Bitcoin hard fork



Site Admin
Apr 2017
The popular digital currency wallet, Jaxx, hasn't released any official statement regarding the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork, however employees of Jaxx have made the following statements:
We already announced we'll be behind the Bitcoin core team with SegWit2x in the upcoming days, but we will support the UAHF if our users demand it. Keeping BTC in Jaxx is perfectly safe as you control your private keys so you can always initialize a wallet on whatever fork you want.

Using the term fork can be a bit confusing. What Bitcoin Cash will be if it gets created is a complete copy of the Bitcoin blockchain with another name. This means that your addresses and private keys from BTC will also be valid on this copy blockchain. It's a completely separate coin.

What happens is that since your public keys (the address) and the public keys are the same you will get your key pairs from Jaxx: MENU > Tools > Display Private Keys > (I UNDERSTAND) > Display Bitcoin Keys and import them into another wallet that supports the Bitcoin Cash token.

You will be using the key pairs to control only the Bitcoin Cash chain and not the BTC one (obviously this depends on the wallet you will use and there's not way for us to guarantee it 100%).