Bitcoin will come to an end, and now it's the era of ajm

First, this is an era of great change, Jewish merchant AjM is changing the world.

In a word, AJM is the digital gold of the 21st century, because bitcoin is the first time in human history since the gold, the currency is not subject to the control of centralization of government, and the twin brothers of AjM and Bitcoin, and in bitcoin On the basis of continuous upgrading and upgrading on the basis of Bitcoin to avoid the drawbacks of the digital financial system, it is now the leader of the fourth generation of blockchain technology and it has the power to change the world.

Today's decentralized transactions bear the drawbacks of slow transaction speed and limited scalability. A digital trading system that deviates from the above-mentioned defects and realizes decentralization in the true sense is constructed. We use "cross-chain lightning trading" as the core, which makes use of the scalability of the lightning network to enable high-speed trading between the trading parties in almost any blockchain.
Second, in the golden age of token assets, if you do not know AjM that you will miss 100 billion

For the existing economic system, the most intuitive feeling is that prices are constantly rising. For example, ten years ago, it cost only a few yuan to eat a bowl of noodles, but now it takes a few dozen yuan. For example, the older generation of people have saved a lifetime of money, that is, hundreds of thousands of RMB. Today's college graduates can reach this level in three years as long as they work hard. The degree of currency overissue in society is relatively serious and has affected the lives of many people.

If bitcoin is used as a currency, then the value of people's property or wealth can be maintained. For example, if you buy a bitcoin now, it may be a suite after ten years, and it may be a community after a hundred years. And AJM is an upgraded version of Bitcoin, and the market potential is even more huge.
Third, the wheels of history are rolling forward, and the era of Bitcoin era will eventually come to an end

In 2017, as the world's most well-known and most controversial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a crazy investment, with a single bitcoin price of nearly $20,000. In 2018, the price of bitcoin in the "waterfall" market has touched 3,600 US dollars, the biggest drop of 82%, the investment market is even more sorrowful.

In contrast, AJM is like a living creature. As the volume of trading and computing power grows, it will expand the energy of its own life, and bitcoin will eventually end, and the trend of history is that new things replace old ones and are unstoppable.

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