BIUT Mining Lucky Race

Sep 26th 2019
BIUT Mining Lucky Race

BIU Block Height 82018, 100 BIU reward;

BIU Block Height 82019, 100 USDT reward;

BIU Block Height 82020, 10000 BIUT personal mining wallet reward;

BIU Block Height 82049, 10000 BIUT personal mining wallet reward;

BIU Block Height 82140, 10000 BIUT personal mining wallet reward;

BIU Block Height 82168 to 82198, 10 BIU for each miner;


1. This event is for anyone who wants to experience real decentralized mining. Anyone who has a stable network, normal computer or laptop can participate in this mining race with simple operation;

2. If you use your personal mining wallet to mine, the BIU rewards will be automatically distributed to your wallet. If you use the Public mining wallet to mine, you should submit information to us to audit. Other rewards need to confirm with us. Any questions related to this event, please [email protected];

3. BIUT Chinese Community reserve all rights in regard to this event.

Bit Trust System is an electronic trust system that is completely implemented by peer-to-peer technology. It is a system-level trust program based on blockchain and algorithm implementation. It ensures that both parties to a transaction can complete transactions online through algorithms without any centralization organization.

BIUT Public chain technical feature:

Two chains structure, Two coins economic model, JavaScript,

unique Autonomous system, Node communities, Modular design, Polling mechanism, TrustRank algorithm, PGPOW consensus mechanism(Combination of POW and POS consensus algorithm).

PC-Miner Mining feature:

CPU mining with Combination of POW and POS consensus algorithm,anyone can join PC-Miner to become BIUT Miner with a general PC.

BIUT website:

BIUT explorer:

PC-Miner download link:;

Public mining wallet: 9cb6f427db8d457ae3e659bd6ec8db78652fe95c96ef6dad65c9c90bef67fc98 (Private key, use to import wallet to the PC-Miner)

Use Public mining wallet mining tutorial video:

Public mining wallet address :0x174a846a97a09685a51b6719904ae10fc981d7e4
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