Blockchain wallet launched a fierce battle, T-ark wallet is highly favored


From the birth of Bitcoin to today's blockchain’s blooming and popularity all over the world, and the blockchain has passed its first decade. As a tool for storing and using digital assets, the wallet plays an important role in the field of blockchain with the pace of blockchain’s updating and iteration.

It is precisely because the digital wallet is known as the super entrance of the blockchain era, in the blockchain world, it will set off a fierce blockchain wallet battle! But who will be the last king? We will wait and see!

The concept of blockchain wallet
A wallet is an application. It controls user access, manages keys and addresses, tracks balances, and creates and signs transactions.

More narrowly, from the programmer's point of view, "wallet" refers to the data structure used to store and manage user keys. The wallet is actually a container for private keys. A common misconception is that bitcoin wallets contain bitcoin. There is only a key in the wallet. It can also be said that owing the private key, and you have the right to use the wallet.

Now that blockchain technology is in a high-speed development stage, DAPP landing has become a trend. The wallet became the most recognized landing entrance in the DAPP ecosystem. Many projects start with blockchain wallets, access to a variety of DAPP applications, participate in the construction of this ecosystem, and open the entire process.

The future trends of blockchain wallets

If in your mind, the blockchain wallet is just the management software for digital assets, then it seems a bit narrow. Imagine if the Alipay APP in our mobile phone is just a RMB asset management platform and can only be used for transfer and collection, will there be so many people to use it?

There is a similar problem in the field of blockchain. Everyone knows what a private key means for digital assets. Any time a private key is lost, it means that all digital assets can be easily stolen, so the private key is usually stored locally, such as mobile apps, hardware that is not connected to the Internet, and so on.


The cost of storing the private key locally is that any blockchain transaction needs to complete the private key signature locally in order to get through the entire transaction process, which makes it impossible for many of the existing DAPP to experience a seamless experience. In other words, the blockchain wallet to DAPP, just like Alipay is used in various e-commerce APPs.

The following four points summarize the future development space of the wallet:

1. As the value of payment: Once the future payment of token assets becomes one of the mainstream payment methods, then as an entrance, the wallet has a lot of imagination.

2. Value as an asset management platform: For users, a fast transaction can be realized in the blockchain digital wallet system, which is also a good demand scenario.

3. Value as the entrance to a transaction: At present, there are more and more public blockchains, more and more protocols and applications, and more and more digital assets. Since the wallet has precipitated many users' digital assets, there are naturally many opportunities for financial management and asset management.

4. Value as a DApp entrance: Users need to have a place to discover and download DApps, and all DApps have wallets. Through the management of the blockchain digital wallet system, there is a close connection with DApp. When users develop to a certain extent, wallets become dapp distribution channels, or entrances.

T-ark wallet stands out in the competition a wide range of wallets and is highly favored

T-ark wallet is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model developed and designed by National Stone Group. It achieves a major breakthrough in technology and fully reflects the blockchain spirit in application. The wallet has two super features of anonymity and security, with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports the payment, storage and transaction of various tokens, and also integrates games, communities, live broadcasts and other applications. It is a comprehensive blockchain platform system. If there is a industrial trend of``blockchain'' in the future, we have reason to believe that T-ark wallet can jump directly from a tool product to a financial ecosystem, even become the next "Alipay."