[size=25pt]First Social Network Platform With Tron Dapps[/size]​

[size=25pt]Website: www TronMain com[/size]​

[size=15pt]More information about Event/Giveaway:[/size]​

[size=20pt]Discord Event / Giveaway[/size]​

Share your unique Discord invitation link and earn Tron (TRX)

Those who have invited most users to our discord server will win:

Top 1 : 3000 Tron (TRX)

Top 2 : 1500 Tron (TRX)

Top 3 : 1000 Tron (TRX)

Top 4-10 : 500 Tron (TRX)

Join on our Discord Server:

Share your unique discord invitation prize, invite as many members as possible on our Discord Server and take the reward !

[size=20pt]TronMain Group Event[/size]​

Create your own TronMain group and invite your friends to join on your group !

Founders of the first 3 groups that have gathered the most members will win

Top 1 Group : 3000 Tron (TRX)

Top 2 Group : 1500 Tron (TRX)

Top 3 Group : 1000 Tron (TRX)

Create your own group and share it to your friends

You can create any kind of group

[size=25pt]Event End : 29.04.2019[/size]​

[size=15pt]More information about Event/Giveaway:[/size]​

[size=25pt]Website: www TronMain com[/size]​
MC Coin Dapp Launch on 24.04.2019

Earn Tron (TRX) when someone buy or sell TMC Coin
BUY 20% | Sell 5% | Referral 15% |

That fee is split across all tokens currently in circulation as a reward to those holding them.

More info:
Tomorrow is the launch of our first dapp !

TMC Coin Earn Tron (TRX) when someone buy or sell TMC Coin.
The price of TMC Coin increase every time when someone buy 1 TMC Coin and decrease when someone sell

Update !
-Fix register redirect
-Fix chat synchronized with Telegram

Coming Soon !
We will add Tron Token system for active members, our users will be able to earn Tron Token based on their activity on our social network.

Create an account:
TMC Coin is ready !

TMC Coin Dapp – Hold TMC Coin and earn Tron (TRX)
Earn Tron (TRX) when someone buy or sell TMC Coin

Read our contract:

Buy TMC Coin:
Update ! - We add social coin informations on front-page -Take your referral link for social coin from your tronmain account profile page and earn Social Coin ! 20 Social Coins - if someone visit your link 1000 Social Coins - if someone register using your link
Share your unique referral link and earn Tron (TRX)

TMC Coin Dapp Referral Program

Earn 15% From total amount that your referral user spend
Example: Someone spend 10.000 Tron (TRX) you will get 1.500 Tron (TRX)