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Apr 2017
Here's a how to guide for buying and storing Ripple for the long term.

Buying Ripple (XRP)

The quickest, easiest way to buy Ripple is to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, transfer to Poloniex, convert BTC to XRP, and then transfer your XRP to your wallet for proper storage.

Storing Ripple - Hosted Wallet

Gatehub is the most recommended option for Ripple storage, because you can store your XRP in a wallet that is on top of the Ripple ledger. Crypto should not be kept on exchanges for the long term. Little is known about Poloniex, but it is one of the largest exchanges simply because they support so many tokens.

Storing Ripple - Desktop Wallet

While Gatehub wallets are the simplest option, cold wallets are the safest if you know what you're doing. Rippex allows you to host a desktop Ripple wallet on your own computer.

Storing Ripple - Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are the ultimate cold storage option. Jatchili is the most popular cold wallet for Ripple.