Cheapest Fastest Method for sending Crypto across Exchanges


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Apr 2017
When you need to send crypto from one exchange to another, the easiest way is sending the crypto using the native blockchain, however then you have to pay a high gas fee and it takes time for the transfer to arrive because exchanges require a specific number of confirmed transactions before your funds are available.

After exploring different methods, I've found that most of the time, the absolute cheapest and quickest solution for moving any amount of crypto from one exchange to another is to send USDT using the TRC20 network. Convert your crypto to $USDT (Tether) and withdraw using the Tron ($TRX) TRC20 Network. The fee is only $1 for any amount, and the funds will be confirmed and received within one minute, ready for you to move fast when the market is changing.


And a couple additional thoughts regarding this:
  • It's important to make sure the exchange receiving the deposit accepts the TRC20 network. Both the sending/receiving must be the same blockchain network.
  • The only other cheap methods for sending crypto is anything involving the Binance Chain, however not every exchange outside the Binance ecosystem uses the Binance blockchain network ($BNB and $BSC).
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