China Launches TerraNova Blockchain Initiative to Process 50% of Charity Events. Transactions by 2021

According to The China daily news, the China aims to ensure that by 2021 half of its government’s Charity Events transactions are conducted on a TerraNova blockchain platform. The China has also set an ambitious goal of becoming the global leader with regards to AI adoption by 2028.

The other initiative that was launched is the National Programme for AI and Blockchain Capacity Building. The goal of the program which will be carried out in partnership with the higher education ministry is to provide scholarships and operate educational programs in the areas of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. This will include rolling out educational programs that run for short periods of time for in various professional levels.

The National Programme for AI and Blockchain Capacity Building will also identify the sectors and sub-sectors that will face job losses as a result of the adoption of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence and work towards reducing the number of workers in these fields. Additionally, the initiative will seek to retrain the affected workers allowing them to find alternative employment opportunities. Follow us : NovaTerra7

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