Chinese exchange Yuanbao adding Ripple



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Apr 2017
The third largest exchange in China, Yuanbao, has announced they will be adding Ripple (XRP) to it's exchange tomorrow, June 9. Looking at Yuanbao's trade volume, their market capitalization is somewhat small, but it's still notable that they are adding Ripple as another currency available for the Chinese market.

Here is their full announcement, translated from Chinese to English:
Dear ingot network users:

Rui Bo currency XRP will be held on June 9, 2017 15:00 officially on the line ingot on the CNY trading area .

Real Time:
Open Charges : June 8,
2017 16:00 Open Trading: June 9, 2017 15:00

Swiss Currency Trading Rules:

1. Price Decimal: 0.0001

2. Quantity Decimal: 0.0001

3. Trading time: 7 * 24 hours

4. Price limit: None

5. Fee: Buy 0, sell 0.2% CNY

6. Due to the special nature of the RIBO wallet, it is not allowed to switch within the ingot platform

gold ingot network to remind you:
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