Come on and take some empties. Our total .. This will benefit both of us

Awax's Bounty Forums offers a lot of benefit to people and many people are expecting improvement here.
I know awax is a trustworthy organization.
I'm planning to deal with this transaction very straightforward here.
That's why I thank the bank's officials and also welcome the Bounty Income group to take this great initiative.

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  • 1.Bounty is active while available on the AWAX ICO page .
  • 2.Bounty is available only on the AWAX website.
  • 3.Bounty is allocated by fixed price!
  • 4.No spreadsheed, as our bounty is allocated by fixed price and available only on portal. Exception is translation bounty.
  • 5.Token will be distributed after the ICO .
  • 6. We reserve the right to pause Bounty at any time , as our bounty is allocated by fixed price!

  • 1.Register on AWAX .
  • 2.Fill out the Bounty form .
  • 3.Follow us on Twitter till AWAX .
  • 4.Join us on Telegram till AWAX .
  • 5.Retweet at last 10 teeets.
  • 6.Report your retweets .
  • 7.Earn 500 AWAX tokens for retweeting .