Crypto Trading Tips for Beginners

Hello Everyone,

There are many scams/get rich quick telegram channels around especially pump and dump groups. Please beware of these and be mindful that trading is risky business. There is no such thing as guaranteed XXX% in XXX days. Anyone who tells you they can help you to get rich QUICK or make BIG gains are just trying to profit of you. Trading ANY asset class be it FOREX, Commodities, Stock or Crypto involves RISK.

What you can look out for is credible cryptocurrency education channels where trade ideas are given with technical analysis and fundamental news to back. Even so, one should always exercise caution and do their own research on whatever coin they're investing in. Even the best telegram education serves to ASSIST you in your decision making not make the decision for you.

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We started this channel as there are too many scammy channels around ruining the image of crypto. We would like to change that by bringing reliable & quality crypto information to the community.

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SniperTrade Team
Hi, I have already invested in Celcius network, Salt lending, eth lend and want to invest in What do you think guys?
Hey Luissehelth,

Thank you for your question. Our team currently do not focus on Lending coins at the moment. Some of our top mid-long term picks are OMG, NEO, ICX, BNB and VEN. Do check out for more regular Alt Coin updates and analysis.

SniperTrade Team