Cryptocurrencies ready for a third wave?



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Apr 2017
This is not the time and place for an in-depth lesson on Elliot Wave Theory. There are numerous websites that offer these lessons freely, and often times the teacher is more astute than I in this art. If you are a trader, you owe it to yourself to learn this craft, as it is a great tool that is practical and true. Can you imagine someone calling themselves a chef, but they never learned how to bake bread? Traders should know some things, and Elliot is one of them.

Per Elliot, all markets move in waves of 5. In a bull market there are three waves up, separated by two waves down. The down waves are seen by traders as corrections or consolidations. Wave 3 is typically much larger than either waves 1 or wave 5. Elliot himself said that wave 3’s are often ‘awe-inspiring’.

I mention all this because I am of the opinion that the past few weeks most altcoins were in the early stages (wave 1) of a bull market. Wave 1 (for many) has ended and a wave 2 has commenced. Wave 2 was intense but short-lived. In many cases (IMHO), Wave 3 has either already commenced, or will commence soon. As insanely profitable as wave 1 was for many traders, the next wave might just be a story we will tell our grandchildren. Stay alert...
May 2017
Woodinville, WA
I love technical analysis because it is perfectly capable of explaining everything in hindsight, until it can't. The big movements in crypto seem to be news-driven, even indirectly for things like ETH rising on BTC news like it did until it made its own news so much. To me technical analysis is key to getting into/out of the market with well-timed orders. Strong news good or bad is capable of wrecking long-term technicals though. So I look to the charts for short term tactics and the fundamentals (whatever that means here lol)+news+my gut for long-term strategy.
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