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Feb 2018
Awesome ‘Pump’ group recruiting new members

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‘Pump and Dump’ is the simple method of a collective group of people (usually thousands, but even more, even better) all working in tandem in buying a certain coin, normally one with a small market capitalisation. In turn, the value of the coin skyrockets, giving everyone the opportunity to sell at a very good profit (again, in unison), much more so than would have been possible by natural means. So the ‘Pump’ is the buying side and the ‘Dump’ is the selling part.

Pumping and Dumping is typically a very fast process, entailing that the faster you buy, set your sale price and sell your coins, the better the results achieved by the individual.

Being in a good Pump group that looks after its members is highly desirable, and it’s coordinators will have it as their primary goal to ensure that its members are consistently earning good profits. They understand that a group is only as strong as the members it contains.

That’s where we come in - We’re ‘Alpha Pump’. We use Discord app to house our group, where we invite you to join and engage with us in all things crypto-related. The main pursuit being to inform our members on upcoming ‘pumps’, where we want all of our Alpha Pump family to make money - and lots of it.

Great Leadership, Accurate Signals & Secure Bot Protection / 3-6 Pumps a Week

We use Discord as it gives us the opportunity to provide our members with the incentive to ‘rank up’ - a system we feel mutually aids individual members as well as the group in general. By inviting others using your unique invite code, it enables you to get ‘Pump Signals’ (I.e. the name of the coin to be ‘pumped’) sooner with distinct time advantages, meaning that the recipient can buy and sell the chosen coin quicker and thereby make a greater profit. The greater the amount of invites, the higher the rank achieved. The higher the rank achieved, the greater the time advantage allocated to that particular member.

For example, inviting 5 new people to the group will confer an extra 0.5 seconds upon that member as they move up a rank. Each rank that a member unlocks from thereon, results in greater time advantages for them….and trust me, every millisecond counts when ‘pumping and dumping’. This method of rank advantages not only benefits the individual member, but also grows the group size (and thereby the volume size of each pump) bigger and quicker, resulting in bigger and bigger gains to be made by all.

There are many and varied ‘Pump’ groups out there, some very big with hundreds of thousands of members, but there are certainly benefits to being part of smaller groups as they grow:

It tends to be a lot easier to rank up in the early days as the benchmark is lower
The newer groups have learnt from the mistakes the bigger groups have made in their infancy
Work extra hard to implement revolutionary systems to stand out from other competing groups
Having early group members ideas and suggestions acted upon sooner to improve the group going forward

All groups set targets for their pumps and as they also advise, NEVER buy above the target and don’t be GREEDY. If done correctly, there are superb profits to be had without going all in with everything you have, coupled with unrealistic targets - that is most definitely not the way to do it, and we strongly encourage members to practice as much as they can to enhance their profits. on a personal note, I make an average of +50% every pump. Are pump and dumps worth the risk? I certainly think so!

‘Alpha Pump’ group - Where the members are the most important part.

Enjoy trading and trading enjoyment!

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