Cryptocurrency Exchange

Elegro wallet works great. That is what I was looking for a long time. This is an easy way to manage your crypto currencies, change it to fiat and so on. Highly recommend.
OKEX, the most trusted digital asset exchange is giving away $3 for joining via their telegram bot. Rules
Only new users who signup via their Telegram bot are eligible to receive their reward and only people from the following countries will be able to receive their free tokens: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey.
From the exchanges that I use now, I want to highlight a newbie in this industry Lukki Exchange. Simple orders, low commissions, coupled with fast execution. The project has an excellent team that has already earned the trust after previous projects. Now I am working simultaneously with it and Bittrex, and EXMO. The last 2 services are very difficult for me. Therefore, let's see how Lukki will behave and probably in the future I will stay only on it. There is one more unique feature that distinguishes this platform among others. That exchange combines a monotonous trading process with an exciting gamification (pass the levels, earn scores, get rewards and monetize your achievements). Now the exchange doesn’t give me so much stress) Kudos for organizing this. I'll write about the minus later, I haven't found yet.
The best exchange is Binance. They are well known and they have a guarantee that your funds are safe. They are one of the few exchanges that doesn't report fake volume. Click the link to sign up. Please copy and paste the URL in the address bar. I can't make it a clickable link yet.

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