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Apr 2017
Crypto Price Predictions
Here is where you can make your crypto price predictions and crypto coin calls about the future of cryptocurrency projects and networks. When making price predictions or coin calls, please take the time to expand on why you feel the market will go in a particular direction.

Economic Speculation
When it comes to economic speculation, everyone is encouraged to perform their own due diligence and take the time to understand the value and utility of any given cryptocurrency, token, project, or network. All threads and posts are for only for informational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. Please do your own research before following any call.

Crypto Charting
Many people speculate the future of an individual coin through financial history, focusing on a technical analysis of the financial charts over a period of time. Centralized exchanges typically show financial charts when looking at a crypto pairing, and Trading View is a great resource for getting started with financial charting. When making price predictions based on financial charting, please include a screenshot, to include any markup or analysis you've done towards speculating the future.

Financial Analysis
Here are some tips when performing your due diligence towards investing in a crypto coin, token, or project:
  • Understand the overall market capitalization, circulating supply, and fully diluted market capitalization.
  • For comparison, look at similar coins competing within the same space or industry.
  • What is the background of the founders of a coin or project?
  • Who manages the governance and direction of a coin or project?
  • Who are the investors? Is there a lockup period for their initial investment?
  • Future expectations? What is expected in the future roadmap? How often are updates made towards future developments?
  • Does the project have a strong community? Network effect?
  • As an indicator, understand previous price history and any historical events that affected the price?
  • Risks? Look at what could go wrong in the industry or within the project.