CryptoCurrent Radio: Unsolicited Updates on Regulation, ICOs, Hacks, Crypto Exchanges Opening/Closing

I've started a daily radio covering the latest in cryptocurrency/blockchain news. Each video is 4-5 minutes long. Basically, what I've done is synthesise the main points and data from several online news sources.

It includes updates on

- National regulation
- Blockchain adoption
- Hacks
- Crypo related crime
- When new exchanges open or close around the world.
- ICOs that stand out as vital to improving Crypto-currency infrastructure

As this becomes more realistic for me to pursue fiancially I'd like to add live shows and display price movements from several exchanges at once.

I'm not a cryptocurrency trader but a journalist deeply interested in the geopolitical effects of cryptocurrency as well as the underlying potential of Blockchain technology. I don't advertise or do paid scripts and would like to keep it that way. With your help I can.


Happy Trading!

April 15-16 12pm-12pm show is here


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