Video Cryptorum Interviews Doug Saunders, CEO of Travel Block



Apr 2017
Travel Block is an ICO that will start its pre sale tomorrow, March 3rd, 2018. Travel Block is looking to bring the blockchain to the travel industry. Currently the travel industry is dominated by a handful of large corporations that add high premiums to travel services. Hotels, Resorts and Airlines have agreements with these corporations to presell rooms and seats at particular rates and then the corporations add their premiums on top. Private groups can be offered lower rates for these services because they fall outside the "public" agreements these entities have with online travel agencies like Expedia. Travel Block plans to utilize the blockchain to bring those private group rate savings to members of the Travel Block platform. By becoming a member of Travel Block and utilizing the TRVL tokens you can enjoy discount rates often between 25% to 60% lower than traditional online travel sites. And from the users perspective you won't even realize you're using the tokens or the blockchain as the user experience will look like any other travel site. All the token exchanging is done on the back end so that even the technologically impaired can easily use the platform. But for those who buy and hold the TRVL tokens, you can potentially save more on your vacations, if the value of the token should rise. The TRVL token is an ERC-20 token, their max supply should not exceed 306 million tokens, and the pre sale price will be $0.11 USD per token, followed by $0.14 USD per token during stage 2. Additionally, for investors who contribute at least 5 ETH, Travel Block will provide 1 free week's vacation (terms and restrictions apply, for more details check their token sale website). If you would like more information on this project or to get involved in the ICO, you can check them out at and read their whitepaper at


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