Cryptosteel is an indestructible stainless steel cryptocurrency wallet



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Apr 2017

A paper wallet can become damaged or destroyed. I've heard people record their secret keys onto a pieces of paper and then laminated to preserve their paper wallets. And then I heard about Cryptosteel, which is an indestructible tool for storing sensitive information as a sequence of alphanumeric characters engraved into stainless steel. This stainless steel artifact can be stored anywhere to preserve your key indefinitely.

Here's the description of Cryptosteel:
Cryptosteel is the master of all backups. Cryptosteel comes with more than 250 stainless steel letter tiles engraved on each side. Users are able to store up to 96 characters worth of confidential information in steel rack in minutes, guaranteeing the data’s safety without the need for specialized tools.

It’s perfect for storing private keys, passwords, or wallet recovery seeds in a most safe manner. Characters must be assembled manually from the supplied set of steel letter-blocks. After enclosing the private sentence into the Cryptosteel case, users can rest assured that their private key is completely secure and will resist any physical disaster, weather condition, events of mishap or accidents.
May 2017
Already got mine but if you want a cheap alternative just engrave your valuable data onto a piece of stainless steel (yourself).
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