Most binary options companies out there are fraudulent. They are all scams. It actually hurts and bring tears to my eyes when I read comments of scammed victims ripped off by BINARY OPTIONS AND FAKE HACKERS. I know actually how it feels and hurts to lose money you have worked half of your life for to invest with the thoughts of getting returns when you are retired. It was all a scam in the end.
STOP BEING SCAMMED BY THESE BINARY BROKERS AND FAKE HACKERS. The Cybersecurity has had enough of complains from clients over the months who has one way or the other being a victim of the BINARY OPTION OR RECOVERY SCAMS or any desired Hacking Services. CONTACT MY EMAIL OR SKYPE - HACKETHICS008@GMAIL.COM.
I have been trying for years to recover about 500K of stolen money, money stolen by binary options traders. I have suffered every day for 3 years. I needed legit help. Like putting salt into my wounds, I have been scammed by so-called recovery experts a number of times too. "Parker joas" helped me make my dreams come true I was able to recover some of my funds and still in the process of recovering more till I get it all... you can also contact him on Skype and thank me later
I was scammed yes. Took a long time to find a non-scammer recovery expert, but i’m glad i persisted. You can contact him on cybercadet01 at gmail com and I’m happy to be contacted for a reference.

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