Digital bank is the ultimate ecological goal of AJM

In the era of information digitization, the integration of people and technology is the key to financial risk management. This is precisely the biggest advantage of blockchain digital bank.

With the continuous development of the Internet, various industries such as finance, education, and medical care are actively turning to digitization to provide more convenient and efficient services. Based on the above market requirements, AJM , supported by the fourth-generation blockchain technology, targets blockchain digital bank as the ultimate ecological goal. Starting from the financial dimension, AJM uses blockchain payment as solution for all kinds of industries to realize the transfer and storage of digital currency. Finally, AJM will become one of the top ten mainstream currencies

And supports the whole network ecosystem.

Decentralized digital bank

Blockchain technology gives us more freedom and value, and AJM will promote the blockchain developing faster with strong ecology and applications.

AJM builds a 'digital bank' on nodes in a decentralized and anonymous way. Currently, it supports wallet, resonance V pool, AVD advertising business, stamp fission, chain sales contract, chain business contract, OTC group, anonymous social intercourse, etc. Totally 8 ecological application scenarios. At the same time, the development of DAPP, decentralized storage, payment, decentralized exchanges, product traceability, cross-border e-commerce, artificial intelligence, VR games, decentralized IoT, etc. can be carried out in the ecology to realize digital financial ecology.

Full-function integrated digital bank

Based on blockchain 4.0 technology, AJM aims to create a full-function integrated digital bank that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, including authorized payment institutions, e-money institutions and commercial banks. The digital bank is not hosted in any physical front office and relies entirely on the latest blockchain technology.It has greatly reduced transaction costs,reduced transaction risk and improved transaction efficiency while improving bank processing efficiency and ensuring that transaction information and data are real and impossible to be tampered with.

Safe, transparent and professional digital bank

In the AJM ecosystem structure, the construction of digital bank will be comprehensively considered from the peer-to-peer transaction, dual Token economic model application, digital asset payment, and investment customers.Through solving the shortcomings of traditional bank, digital bank will achieve cross-border settlement and globalize digital bank.

In the future, AJM will also strengthen digital asset financial services, deepen the construction of the asset management industry chain, and will also strengthen R&D. Regarding the creation of a safe, transparent and professional digital bank as the starting point to provide users with one-stop multi-function and convenient product with secure storage,asset management and transaction. And it will become the next opportunity in the blockchain industry.

Scanning the above QR code or click h ttps://down.ajm to download AJM APP.

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