Discover Exclusive Art with YearnNFT Finance and Collect Your Favorite NFT’s

Oct 2021
NFT Marketplaces are now considered incredible spots bestowing to the creation, transformation, buy, bidding, and selling of Digital Art and Collectibles. New startups are utilizing certain Non Fungible Tokens NFTs as the core unit of transactions. These assets hold its default value and cannot be mutated.

With the dire necessity for NFTs in the modern crypto trends, YearnNFT is now setting up the base, and looking to create a marketplace to trade its collectibles. We are looking efficiently to showcase our ability collecting rare art and collection/entities within various domains of music, art, and archeological artifacts.

YearnNFT Finance is a Binance Smart Chain based Art NFT marketplace created with an intention to provide simplified trading of NFT’s. This project is powered by governance token ‘YFNFT’. Not only arts and collections but also we have whitelisted NFT’s which will represent a complete marketplace to start bidding, buying and selling. YearnNFT Finance will be live soon.

Artworks and Collections at YearnNFT Finance

Synthwave Painting

Contemporary Abstract

Valkyrie Abstract Art

Creative Art collection

Colorful Abstract Painting

Modern Art collection

It looks that now you’re up and running, we have the best place where you can get your hand on some tokenized NFTs working on the BSC ecosystem. Maybe we offer the type of NFT you are looking for, as currently in the market there are already very few DeFi tokens and trusted collectible projects ready for you to explore.

What is YearnNFT Finance?

YearnNFT Finance is a NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain where you can efficiently create, purchase and sell NFT assets. The user can join us with free account and trade YFNFT tokens. Our marketplace is still under development and our core project protocols are progressing day-by-day according to the sketch and roadmap.
Our team intends to get YFNFT to the mainstream, while launching a complete exclusive NFT marketplace spot to build fast adoption. YearnNFT Finance network is feasible with our native governance token named as YFNFT offering a total supply of 73339.

We have built the fundraising asset on BSC at YearnNFT Finance. Moreover, YFNFT tokens will be showcased initially on presale and then will be listed over Centralized and Decentralized exchanges. This project is highly focused on user experience to trade and reserve YFNFT. While we are being quite a new, yet our team is actively shipping new artwork and features:

Our team is coming up with interesting ideas to incentivize holders where we will offer rewards for collectors in the form of YFNFT tokens.

We will allow every participant to mint NFTs whether you are designer, photographer or musician.

You can get your hands on foremost NFTs now is pretty simple on the YearnNFT Finance. We will permit for listings, bidding, and auctions payable in our native currency. You can earn and reserve YFNFT and then bid and explore our artwork pieces. YearnNFT is also one of the funkiest-looking portal with an exclusive theme that will surely attract your hearts. You can even check out the history based on the artwork you choose.

Some Key Points to Consider

YearnNFT is currently welcoming participants to join us into the world of NFT marketplace.

We are offering early birds with a reward of 100 NFT Points and exclusive offers.

Soon, the social media bounty will be live at official YearnNFT Finance.

This is the time for YFNFT holders to purchase, grab, and reserve as many NFTs as you can.

Reserving NFTs, you can efficiently convert the NFT points to YFNFT token anytime.

We will launch this marketplace after 15 days of presale event.

Token Details:

Project Name: YearnNFT Finance

Official Website: YEARNNFT.FINANCE

Token Symbol: YFNFT

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total Supply: 73339

Right away join our Whitelist program and be the first, to begin with the YearnNFT marketplace and development platform. We have tons of good news for you ahead in the future. Keep an eye on our social platforms to stay updated and never miss an opportunity.





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