Discussions with Mosaic's team!

Lanre Irge: "We have a lot of researchers currently working on research of the top cryptoassets. Don’t know the exact number of head but it’s 30+ and will increase once the platform is live."
Me: "How do they decide which coins are going to be researched next? "
Jean: "Mosaic has 2 features and one of them is an open source data base platform to provide researchers with the data they need to value assets.
Mosaic was created and it is very important in regulations based. Fraud and scams are rapidly growing and is everywhere. Mosaic aims to give advice and to separate projects from scams and successful ones"
Anne: "Like jean said, one of Mosaic's features is the open source database of value asset platform. This data base will separate value asset from hype. I hope I'm right."
1st Discussion with the team of Mosaic! So far so good!