Easy way to generate ERC tokens on Ethereum - TokenMint.io


we started a token mint service to help people with no coding skills mint their own Ethereum tokens.

Currently we support:
  • ERC20 standard tokens,
  • ERC223 standard tokens.

You'll need to have Metamask extension in your browser, or just your wallet app running in background.

You can watch our demo video to see how simple it is.

Here's the link: tokenmint.io (copy/paste, unable to link)

Looking forward to comments, suggestions, etc..


New blog post to help you choose the best web3-enabled Ethereum wallet (for interaction with dapps):

tokenmint.io/blog/web-3-enabled-ethereum-wallets-and-browsers.html (please copy/paste, unable to link)

Works on mobile too.
New blog post on what are ERC20 tokens and how you can create yours in a few minutes:

tokenmint.io/blog/erc-20-tokens-and-how-to-create-yours.html (please copy/paste, unable to link)
Hello community,

we have a new blog post on how to list your custom Ethereum token to Etherdelta exchange:


Hope you enjoy!
Hello cryptorum community,

if you have your tokens deployed to Ethereum mainnet, then this guide is really helpful for you:


Kind Regards,
TokenMint team
Hello cryptorum community,

we have a new tutorial: How to List Your Custom ERC20 Token to Uniswap Exchange


Also, watch it on Youtube:

Kind Regards,
TokenMint team
Hello cryptorum community,

we just added a new wizzard to our website:


Contract being deployed is explained here:

Watch a 3 minute tutorial that will walk you through the deployment process:

Kind Regards,
TokenMint Team
Hey community,

we just added a new type of crowdsale to a list of products:

Here's what gets deployed:

Watch tutorial video on how to create your Increasing Price crowdsale in one transaction:

Kind Regards,
TokenMint team