Emerging projects for 2021 according to me

Sep 2020
I am no financial advisor but however I believe this answer will age well. A few of them who look at this and actually put a few dollars o these projects may become millionaires.

Please do your own research before investing and none of what I say is financial advice.

Here we go,

Some of the projects that I believe will be top projects in 2021 are :
1. BTC : King needs no introduction, digital gold 2.0.

2. Ethereum : Finally Eth 2.0 will be here, we are already seeing the DeFi craze sweep the planet. Vitalik save our gas fees.

3. Polkadot : Polkadot Ecosystem will be the next big runner , potentially causing the next bull run.

4. The Graph : Indexing protocol, most of the popular projects use this. Mark my words, this will be a top 20 project.

5. Concordium : Dark horse of Crypto regulation and a hedge against regulation. Concordium is a blockchain having Identity verification and Regulatory framework by design. With 2020 being the year travel rule gets implemented. This one will be huge, bringing enterprises and banks into crypto through a public blockchain.

6. Tezos : We all know how this gonna run.

7. Near : Near Protocol has been having lots of developments and this one will bring value to the table.

8. Skale : Scaling Ethereum, enough said.

9. Ripple : Ripple will keep having those scam pumps, XRP army will shill again.

10. Chainlink : We all know this Kek coin with mad fundamentals with perpetual pumpamentals.

11. SpaceChain : This one has huge partnerships, European Space Agency, NASA , and has already put satellites in space. Tim Draper low key shills this shit.

What are your picks? Which is the dark horse in your bags?
Aug 2020
Good list! Outside of these it is yearn.finance that has caught my attention - what do you think about that one?
And among smaller ones, I've seen some speculation that PICKLE will see big increases in the future.

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