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Apr 2017
The EEE (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) is an organization working towards advancing the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain. Members include Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, and many other big names.

Today, the EEE announced it's Technical Steering Board, which has three primary objectives:
  • Configurable Consensus: the ability to swap consensus mechanisms depending on the type of environment one wants to create.
  • Privacy: the ability to have only the desired counterparties (and regulator, if necessary) able to see a transaction.
  • Rules Based Access Control: the ability to have role assignment, role authorization, and permission authorization.
Here is the full list of board members:
  • Banco Santander – John Whelan
  • BlockApps – Kieren Lubin-James
  • BNY Mellon – Alex Batlin (chair)
  • CME Group – Jonathan Morley
  • ConsenSys – Bob Summerwill
  • Cryptape – Jan Xie
  • IC3 – Andrew Miller
  • Intel – Sanjay Bakshi
  • J.P. Morgan – Tyrone Lobban
  • Microsoft – Marley Grey
  • Nuco – Jinius Tu
  • Advisor – Jeff Wilcke
  • Advisor – Vitalik Buterin