Ethereum moving towards 100,000 transactions per second!

Jul 2021
North Carolina
Ethereum Heads Towards 100K Transactions Per Second?
And Buterin Talks About Post-Merger Future

After the rollout of the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake blockchain, dubbed “Beacon Chain”, the network has been moving fast to integrate it with the Proof-of-Work blockchain. Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum, recently gave a speech at the World Blockchain Conference talking about this process also known as “The Merge”.

The network has undergone several updates, implemented via Hard Forks, to lay the foundation for this upcoming event when the Pow chain “finishes and everything” on it will be moved to the ETH 2.0 blockchain. Set to take place at “some point, maybe about half a year from now”, as Buterin said today July 24th.

Sep 2021
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