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Apr 2017
Ethereum has officially become the most profitable blockchain to mine and the most secure, according to a measure called the Köppelmann Constant, named after Martin Köppelmann, the founder of the Ethereum-based Gnosis Project (valued at around $200 Million).

According to the Flippening, which measures the point where Ethereum's market capitalization overtakes Bitcoin, currently standing at 38% of the way:
The ETHBTC rate where Ether PoW mining yields the same value as Bitcoin mining. Also, it is the ETHBTC rate where Ether PoW expends more economic resources on PoW than Bitcoin.
This means we have reached the point where Ethereum's blockchain has become more secure out of all PoW (Proof of Work) blockchains, and making Ethereum the first platform to overcome Bitcoin in this measurement.

This is a significant development because a higher level of security means a higher level of value can be stored due to an increased cost for a 51% attack, just for PoW.

Ethereum plans to move to PoS (Proof of Stake), which will make the network more secure and providing users with confirmation times as low as 2 seconds. This is as close to instant and will make it one of the fastest public blockchain based currency. The increased capacity will also give Ether more room, as its transaction levels are reaching new highs. The increase capacity of PoS will allow the network to potentially handle 100,000 transactions per second, which is far more than what Visa currently processes.