Facebook entered with Jewish merchant Ajm: the contest between giant and Black Horse

The leap-forward development of blockchain technology and the rapid development of the token economy not only provide a path for the diversified layout of commercial giants, but also give birth to a number of powerful black horses.
Facebook: "International Edition WeChat" Dream of "One-legged Giant"
When it comes to facebook, the first thing people think of is "socialityity", followed by "advertising."
socialityity is the basic property of Facebook, and Facebook has a huge amount of users and data. And advertising is Facebook's current main monetization channel and source of income. According to financial report data, Facebook's revenue in the first quarter of 2019 was $15.08 billion, of which advertising revenue was $14.912 billion. Facebook relies on “sociality” and “advertising” to become one of the richest companies in the world.
However, revenue models that are highly dependent on advertising revenue are also becoming a potential crisis for Facebook. As can be seen from the above data, the current Facebook revenue is almost entirely from advertising - this is a giant walking with one leg.
Not only that, but Facebook is also facing huge resistance to advertising - data security and privacy issues occur frequently, resulting in the loss of user trust; external strong enemies around, Google, Amazon and other companies to seize market share.
The pace of the "single-legged giant" seems to be steady, and the actual situation has been difficult and been plagued by crises. Zach Berg is in desperate need of looking for "another leg" for Facebook, which can bring a "leg" of considerable revenue and a balanced revenue structure. At present, Zach Berg chose the blockchain and the token currency – Facebook’s “International version of WeChat” dream.
Zach Berg has always been friendly to blockchain technology. For now, Facebook not only wants to use blockchain technology to solve privacy problems, but also prepares to enter the payment field by issuing a token, enriching its own business level. Facebook wants to build a complete closed-loop ecosystem, and get rid of the current revenue model that relies too much on a single business. Payment is the most important basic scenario. "International version of WeChat" is the direction that Facebook is heading.
WeChat currently has built a complete ecosystem across communications, sociality, media, e-commerce, payment and many other scenarios, and has become an indispensable part of Chinese users' work and life. And this model is exactly what Facebook is currently trying to deploy.
In the field of payment, Facebook is not simply emulating, but is a unique choice to use the way to build a token payment system. Using the token as a payment system, it is easier to reach users than traditional mobile payments. In addition, from the current public information, the cryptocurrency issued by Facebook will be anchored with the value of various legal tender. This stable cryptocurrency has obvious advantages in payment scenarios, especially cross-border payment, which can effectively reduce the cost of the payment system and enhance the trust between payment entities, which is not realized by the mobile payment of the WeChat.
Jewish merchant Ajm innovates the global digital economy
In 2019, with the warming of the weather, the token field is also beginning to recover, and people's confidence in the industry seems to have returned. Slowing down the pace of development is not a bad thing for the industry. Step by step, every step is firm, every step is down-to-earth.
The Jewish merchant Ajm is the dark horse that has recently rushed out. It has become the new digital gold of the 21st century. With its own aura of "twin brothers" of Bitcoin, it has shaken the inherent position of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in people's minds, breaking the limitation and disadvantage of block chain technology 1.0/2.0/3.0, and creates a new situation in the blockchain industry and the token field.
It is different from the team that first financed and then engaged in project. Its leader is a group of Jewish consortium elites. The Jewish merchant Ajm's intention and ecological layout have experienced ten years of planning and improvement, and it has a fairly complete and mature structure.
In line with Facebook's persistent attitude toward payment, Jewish merchant Ajm also listed cross-border settlement and payment as an important direction of development.
The game between Facebook and Jewish merchant Ajm has just begun. Is the giant better, or is the black horse stronger? Time will give us the answer!
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