FAF (First Assets Financial), Seize the opportunity of the development of Times


In 2018, it was called "the first year of the blockchain" by the public. In this year, the blockchain was ups and downs. In 2018, the overall value of the token market lost more than 80%. In addition, the governments of various countries have strengthened supervision over the activities of token transaction, ICO, etc., for a moment, the coin circle was full of grief, and it has also cast a shadow on the confidence of the blockchain circle.

However, surveys by many authoritative organizations show that in 2019, blockchain will not die, but will also become a fusion carrier for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. It is the most promising and commercial value field for the IT industry in the next few years!

The FAF (First Assets Financial) has seized the development opportunities.

As a functional token, the FAF was developed based on goal-oriented basis, and born with a strong self-expanding color of the application scenario, so it will never depreciate and always increase in value, and it plays an important role in the global real estate and tourism industry. It is the leading asset of the fourth generation of blockchain technology,it constructs based on the blockchain parent chain protocol, never expanding capacity, never forking, and never increasing the insurance, it is a long holding valuable token.

FAF (First Assets Financial) is a decentralized real estate and tourism service system based on blockchain technology, linking global real estate and tourism service providers (enterprises or individuals) and consumers, based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as traceability, non-tampering and other characteristics to protect the rights and privacy of trading parties in the industry, and to build a transparent, credible, cheap, decentralized future real estate and tourism ecological chain.

FAF (First Assets Financial) has five characteristics: to solve the bilateral credit problems between consumers and tourism service providers. The FAF platform uses the characteristics of blockchain information, non-tampering, openness and transparency and the support of smart contract to establish a brand-new integrity mechanism; Solve the problem of information asymmetry and information fraud based on the characteristics of blockchain, non-tampering, openness and transparency; Based on the consensus specifications and protocols of the blockchain, achieving a high degree of autonomy; on the FAF platform, data stability and reliability are extremely high; Information security is effectively guaranteed.

FAF (First Assets Financial) can directly enable tourists, buyers and service providers to interact, thus eliminating dependence on intermediaries, making products of higher quality and cheaper, increasing suppliers' responsibility for the products.

The services in FAF include hotel reservations, ticket reservations, scenic spot reservations, car rental reservations, social sharing, house property reservations, real estate transactions, investment immigration, and resource sharing. They provide more than a dozen projects, such as North American study tours, overseas livables, purchase of real estate, chartered cars and self-driving travelling, etc., and provide intelligent and digital services based on various scenarios such as sightseeing tours, honeymoon weddings, and official business visits.

All are past and have gone!For truly great men,look to this age alone! 2019, let us look forward to the new action of the FAF (First Assets Financial)!