Favorite crypto exchanges

May 2021
I am going to assume everyone has at least 3 different exchanges active... do you mind telling me your top 5 or more in order of your favorite? I will assume if you say Binance.com you are not in America (if u r, can you please state it or say use VPN?).. trying to see if I am on track to use the best ones going forward although I realize all this can change tomorrow... recently Binance.us and Kucoin have taken FOREVER to get my account in good order, could not even WD, was excruciating! Please feel free to add the other platforms like pancake/uni/sushi etc... Thank you!
Jun 2021
North America/USA
Everyone has their own favorite exchanges since they judge them by their own criteria.
My top five are –
1. Coinbase
2. Binance
3. FTX
4. Bitfinex
5. Changelly
Sep 2021
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